PoultryTech Newsletter, Volume 27, Issue 2, Summer 2015
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Welcome to the Summer 2015 ePoultryTech, which also marks the beginning of another year of research and development for the Agricultural Technology Research Program (ATRP) at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI). As ATRP program manager, I am particularly excited for the year ahead. ATRP continues to expand our partnerships and pursue the vision of becoming the technology innovation and development provider that enables Georgia to be recognized as the undisputed leader in poultry, agribusiness, and food processing. As you’ll see in this issue of ePoultryTech, our researchers are actively engaged in research projects that focus on robotics, advanced sensing, environmental management, and food safety in one or more of these important Georgia industries.

FY 16 Research Program Underway
FY 16 Research Program Underway

The Agricultural Technology Research Program (ATRP) has approved 17 projects for FY 2016. Research activities began July 1 and will run through June 30, 2016. The projects are divided into two categories: full-scale research projects that address critical issues facing poultry production and exploratory projects that seek to develop concepts and ideas for later transition into full-scale research projects. Researchers are tackling a number of industry challenges ranging from reducing water usage and environmental impact to improving product safety and enhancing labor efficiency through automation and process improvements.





Poultry World to Celebrate 20th Anniversary
Poultry World to Celebrate 20th Anniversary

Join ATRP as we celebrate Poultry World’s 20th Anniversary, October 9-18, at the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia. 2015 promises to be the best year ever for the exhibit with the unveiling of brand-new interactive displays and other exciting additions.

ATRP in the News
ATRP in the News

ATRP researchers were recently featured in an episode of the Georgia Farm Monitor. Produced by the Georgia Farm Bureau, the weekly broadcast covers stories of interest to farmers and consumers, and is the only national and state weekly news and information television program dedicated to Georgia’s largest industry — agriculture. ATRP’s episode highlighted the program’s advances in Ag Robotics.


Click here to watch the episode.

Industry News<br>Partner Profiles: A Closer Look
Partner Profiles: A Closer Look

ATRP’s vision is to be the technology innovation and development provider that enables Georgia to be recognized as the undisputed leader in poultry, agribusiness, and food processing. Key to realizing this vision is the support of industry and academic partners. These valued partners provide unparalleled industry expertise and strategic guidance to the program’s R&D efforts. They also provide access to test facilities and collaborate on new technology design, development, and manufacturing. Each issue of the Summer PoultryTech will take a closer look at one of these partners.


Introducing…Georgia Poultry Federation

Poultry Trivia
Poultry Trivia

There are four cities in the United States that have the word “chicken” in their names:


• Chicken, Alaska


• Chicken Bristle, Illinois


• Chicken Bristle, Kentucky


• Chickentown, Pennsylvania














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