PoultryTech Newsletter, Volume 28, Issue 1, Spring, 2016
McMurray and Pierson Appointed to Agriculture Scientific Advisory Councils

Gary McMurray, division chief of the Georgia Tech Research Institute’s (GTRI) Food Processing Technology Division (FPTD) and John Pierson, GTRI/FPTD principal research engineer, were recently appointed to serve on Scientific Advisory Councils of the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research.


Members of the Foundation’s Advisory Councils provide advice and recommendations on policy and program development, program implementation, evaluation, and other matters of significance to the mission and goals of the Foundation. They are chosen based on their scientific or general experience and knowledge in a particular research target area.


A robotics and automation systems expert, McMurray serves on the Spurring Food System Innovation Advisory Council. Pierson, an environmental engineer with expertise in water reuse and recycling systems, serves on the Optimizing Agricultural Water Use Advisory Council. Both are serving a three-year term, which began in April 2016.


“It is an honor to serve as a scientific advisor in the spurring food system innovation target area. I am excited to work with my fellow members to advance the food production system of the future by fostering innovative R&D,” says McMurray.


“I look forward to contributing to the national research agenda on agricultural resource sustainability by outlining ways to develop and optimize systems to extend the industry’s water use,” says Pierson.


Five additional advisory councils cover the following research target areas: transforming soil health; enhancing sustainable farm animal productivity, resilience, and health; improving plant efficiency; achieving a deeper understanding of nutrition and healthy food choices; and managing food production systems to enhance human nutritional outcomes.


The Foundation, a non-profit organization, was established by the 2014 Farm Bill with the goal of complementing and furthering the important work of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Its mission is to build unique partnerships to support innovative science addressing today’s food and agriculture challenges. The Foundation exists to:


• fund cutting-edge research and development through grants and innovation challenges
• build unique public-private partnerships
• convene stakeholders and thought leaders to foster collaboration
• build human capacity and inspire the next generation of food and agriculture scientists
• utilize social, physical, and biological sciences to answer research questions


To learn more about the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research, visit www.foundationfar.org.



Gary McMurray

Gary McMurray



John Pierson

John Pierson