PoultryTech Newsletter, Volume 29, Issue 1, Spring, 2017
Researcher Profile:
Daniel Sabo

Job title: Research Scientist II


Education: Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry, Georgia Institute of Technology; B.S., Chemistry, Rowan University


Areas of research expertise: Inorganic Chemistry and Nano-Chemistry


List of any poultry industry projects you’re working on and your role: Principal Investigator for Free Fatty Acid Removal from Rendered Oil Systems and Magnetic Refrigeration as Alternative Cooling Technology for Poultry Industry


What I find most rewarding about working on poultry industry projects: Seeing my work go out into the world and help improve it


A talent I wish I had: To speak and understand any language


Another occupation I’d like to try: Software development


My first job: Cashier at CVS


If I could meet someone famous, who would it be and why: James Rollins (author of Sigma Force series), I would like to talk to him about how he comes up with the ideas for his books


One thing people may not know about me: The birthmark that covers the left side of my body appeared not at birth, but six months later


My day would not be complete without: A kiss from my beautiful wife and baby girl


The last book I read: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline


The last movie I saw: The Emperor’s New Groove


My favorite song: In The End by Linkin Park


My motto: ”Never give up. Never surrender.”


My hobbies: Geocaching, reading, playing video games



Daniel Sabo, ATRP Research Scientist