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Poultry World at the Georgia National Fair
October 4-13, 2013
Perry, Georgia

Poultry WorldJoin ATRP as we host the Poultry World educational exhibit at the Georgia National Fair from October 4-13 in Perry, Georgia. Poultry World was established in 1995 by the Georgia Poultry Federation, along with industry and academic partners, to share information with the public about all aspects of the poultry industry – Georgia’s #1 agricultural and agribusiness sector. Housed in a miniature poultry growout house, the award-winning exhibit features educational, interactive, and multimedia displays. Each year more than 150 volunteers from poultry companies, allied industry companies, universities, the poultry laboratory network, and the Georgia Poultry Federation help to staff the exhibit. Poultry World continues to be one of the most popular exhibits at the fair, drawing more than 50,000 visitors during the 10 days of the fair, over half of which are school children, touring the exhibit as part of the Georgia National School House program.