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PoultryTech | Volume 23 | Issue 2 | Summer 2011

ATRP Vision: To be the Technology Innovation & Development provider that enables Georgia to be recognized as the undisputed leader in Poultry, Agribusiness, and Food Processing.

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Manager's Corner

Doug Britton, ATRP Program Manager

Welcome to the Summer 2012 ePoultryTech. In this issue, we continue to focus on the themes of “Transformation” and “Innovation.” I recently wrote a viewpoint editorial for Poultry Times (see below) where I shared my insight on “Enterprise Transformation,” which is the task of refocusing or changing an enterprise to leverage either new technologies or market opportunities. The drivers for this kind of change are too often declining profits and poor performance, but the great companies are the ones who embrace a culture of constant improvement and innovation. 

Along these lines, a strategic initiative of ATRP’s FY 2013 research program is to define the poultry processing plant of the future (see more on right). Here, six projects are underway that focus on novel types of engineering and technology solutions that have potential to transform poultry production from the growout house to the processing plant.

I’d also like to highlight our ongoing Technical Assistance program (see below on right). As part of ATRP’s mission, the program provides technical assistance at no cost to Georgia-based industry members with special problems. Each year specific assistance is provided for approximately 30 requests in the areas of automation, food safety sensing, worker safety, environmental engineering, energy audits, and information on best practices and state-of-the-art systems. 

Finally, ATRP simply would not be what it is today without the active support of our industrial and academic partners and the Georgia Poultry Federation.  Whether it is specific domain knowledge and expertise, systems installation and testing support, or the supply of poultry products and materials for systems development, we are very grateful for the strong working relationship we have with each of you.  Thank you for being a part of the team as we seek to fulfill the ATRP vision, which is…“to be the technology innovation and development provider that enables Georgia to be the undisputed leader in Poultry, Agribusiness, and Food Processing.”

Doug Britton, Ph.D.
ATRP Program Manager

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From Apple to Poultry: Enterprise Transformation

ATRP Program Manager Doug Britton shares his insight with Poultry Times, the nation's only poultry industry newspaper.

The future viability of the poultry industry will hinge on our ability to innovate and rethink our existing work processes.
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ATRP Research Program Continues Quest to Drive Transformational Innovation in Poultry Production

“Current methods of poultry processing are a combination of historical practices, increased mechanization to replace manual operations, and the application of technologies to meet more stringent sanitation, worker safety, and environmental regulatory demands. As such, modern processing plants today are often the merger of traditional processes retrofitted with modern materials and technologies,” says Dr. Doug Britton, manager of the Agricultural Technology Research Program (ATRP).

Britton likes to call this type of merger “sustaining innovation,” and notes the future viability of the poultry industry will hinge on our ability to foster “transformational innovation,” which is the creation of something entirely new that eventually eclipses the existing norm, creating an entirely new norm. For the poultry community, this will involve fundamentally rethinking the entire production and processing system without the constraints of the current practices. As part of this effort, a strategic initiative of ATRP’s FY 2013 research program is to continue to define the poultry processing plant of the future. Six continuation projects are focused on novel types of engineering and technology research activities that address critical issues facing poultry production from the growout house to the processing plant.

  • Growout Monitoring
  • Chicken Egg Fertility Detection
  • Dynamic Filtration
  • Intelligent Cutting and Deboning System
  • Cone Line Screening System
  • Worker Safety Technologies

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Technical Assistance Is Just a Phone Call Away

The Agricultural Technology Research Program (ATRP) provides no-cost technical assistance to Georgia-based firms and individuals in the poultry industry. These assists include simple inquiries regarding information or help needed to address a problem and extensive on-site consultations in which researchers collect data and provide a full report on their findings and recommendations. The technical assistance program also offers in-plant energy assessments designed to help companies identify strategies of reducing energy usage and costs. Recently, the program was extended to include workplace safety consultations, specifically those focused on ergonomics and cumulative trauma disorders. ATRP uses input from all assists to gauge situations calling for new research initiatives in energy, environmental, safety, and other areas.

To inquire about the program or to schedule an assist, call Doug Britton at (404) 407-8829 or email

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