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Abit Massey Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

The Agricultural Technology Research Program (ATRP) provides no-cost technical assistance to Georgia-based firms and individuals in the poultry industry. These assists include simple inquiries regarding information or help needed to address a problem and extensive on-site consultations in which researchers collect data and provide a full report on their findings and recommendations. The technical assistance program also offers in-plant energy assessments designed to help companies identify strategies of reducing energy usage and costs. Recently, the program was extended to include workplace safety consultations, specifically those focused on ergonomics and cumulative trauma disorders. ATRP uses input from all assists to gauge situations calling for new research initiatives in energy, environmental, safety, and other areas.

To inquire about the program or to schedule an assist, call Doug Britton at 404-407-8829 or email


Did You Know?

As Georgia’s most valuable agricultural sector, the poultry-egg industry has dramatically increased in size over several decades, with more than two-thirds of the state’s 159 counties now involved in production. Georgia has led the nation in broiler production for 28 consecutive years. Poultry-egg production and processing contributed $28 billion total economic impact for the state in 2011, and the industry contributes more than 111,500 jobs.

Source: 2013 Ag Snapshots: A brief focus on Georgia’s agricultural industry
(based on 2011 Georgia Farm Gate Value Report by the Center for Agribusiness & Economic Development at the University of Georgia, published December 2012)


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