Welcome to the Agricultural Technology Research Program

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Welcome to the Agricultural Technology Research Program

The Agricultural Technology Research Program drives transformational innovation, developing new methods and systems specifically designed for poultry, agribusiness, and food manufacturing applications. These innovations are created to maximize productively and efficiency, advance safety and health, and minimize environmental impacts. Our goal is to transition technologies from concept to commercialization, as quickly and economically as possible.

Robotics and Automation Systems

Robotics/automation research studies focus on “intelligent” automation systems, which incorporate advanced sensors, robotics, and computer simulation and control technologies in an integrated package.

Advanced Imaging and Sensors

Advanced imaging and sensor concepts research studies focus on the design of systems for grading, inspection, and animal health monitoring. The systems employ audio as well as stereo 3D, time-of-flight, visible, IR, and UV imaging modalities.

Environmental and Energy Systems

Environmental and energy research studies focus on emerging technologies that help to reduce water usage and waste generation, while also facilitating the recovery of waste heat and value-added byproducts from processing operations.

Food Safety Technologies

Food safety research focuses on technologies to improve process control and product quality.


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