50th Anniversary Podcasts

Join us for a special series commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Georgia Tech Research Institute’s Agricultural Technology Research Program (ATRP). Hosted by Stephanie Richter.

Episode One

Doug Britton, ATRP Program Manager

Episode Two

Craig Wyvill, ATRP Director Emeritus

Episode Three

Abit Massey, President Emeritus, Georgia Poultry Federation

Episode Four

Mike Giles, President, Georgia Poultry Federation

Episode Five

Dale Atkins, former Program Director of ATRP, and Chuck Ross, Wastewater and Food Safety Research

Episode Six

Richard Carey (former GTRI Sr. Research Engineer), Wayne Daley (Principal Research Engineer at GTRI), Chris Thompson (former Senior Research Engineer at GTRI; now Associate Director of Technology & Student Activities at Georgia Tech), and Costas Soulakos (former GTRI Research Engineer) trade stories about their individual and collective experiences that are both enlightening and entertaining.

Episode Seven

In this episode, host Stephanie Richter takes listeners back to the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Agricultural Technology Research Program, held recently at the historic, grand, and stately Academy of Medicine building in Atlanta.

Additional Episodes

Enjoy additional episodes celebrating ATRP's 50th Anniversary